Writing vs. Worldbuilding

After over a month of world-building, I’ve started writing again. It’s hard to know which activity I enjoy more, and which is the best way to bring my world to life!

Writing is actually more fun and engaging than world-building. When I’m plotting a novel, describing scenes and writing dialogue, it makes me feel more immersed in my world. However, the result is not so satisfying. It seems that I can never look back on what I’ve written without seeing the flaws.

World-building feels more arduous (except when I’m drawing maps – those are always relaxing!), but then I can go onto my website, admire the pages I’ve created, and imagine new stories unfolding in the settings that I’ve been building. When I world-build, I generally feel prouder of what I’ve accomplished.

I’ve returned to writing because I remember how enjoyable it was, and I really would like to get The Ruler of Ruins finished so Maggie can read it.  There may be fewer updates in my blog as a result, but I’ll try to make time for some world-building at least once a month – if I don’t get too engrossed in the story!

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