The History of the World

I find that the more I work on my world, the further back in time I go. The Shekruvaris Trilogy was originally just a backstory for the books I was intending to write.

Anyway, I’ve decided that it’s time to consolidate my ideas about the history of Askamar, from ‘the beginning of the world’ to the conclusion of the great story-arc that I’m writing about.

The Ankaykari, being immortal, do not believe there was a beginning of the world – they think everything has always been the way it is, and time moves in endless cycles. They don’t even give dates to the years.

This, along with the fact that Esu rulers like to re-use the names of their previous Sovereignties, makes their history books very hard to follow.

Humans, being mortal, are more inclined to believe that things have a beginning and an end.  They want a timeline. Grudgingly, I have realised that I also need a timeline with proper dates if I am to keep track of the rise and fall of the Udarissan kingdoms.

So, I’ve created the Ektanstaran order – a society of humans devoted to understanding the true nature and history of the world. I’ve used their dating system to create a timeline of events (some of it based on known facts, some of it based on legends).

I’ve also polished the sections on the Ceyth-Janzarian Wars and The Truce of Elanthar, making them easier to follow by adding in section headings. Eventually, I’ll get around to writing histories for Janzaris and Amanis, but I don’t plan to go back any further than that!

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