Artwork: Zotharan and Erulorian

Zotharan and Eurlorian from The Immortals of AskamarMaggie has drawn a beautiful picture of Zotharan and Erulorian, set during the Soveriengty of Janzaris (about a thousand years before the Shekruvaris trilogy begins).

This was the time when Zotharan joined the Court of Barezeth and Erulorian thought she was falling in love with him. I really love her tender expression, and the way Zotharan is just coolly staring ahead. I also love the background (it’s just how I picture Barezeth!), the beautiful clothes and the border.

Maggie says:

“I wanted to give the picture quite a cool color scheme, to reflect the coldness of Zotharan’s personality – an interesting contrast to the reds and golds that he wears. This is why Barezeth made such a perfect background for these two characters.

The landscape of Barezeth both gives the picture a sense of context (the time when Zotharan joined Liralian’s court), and provides a bleak, wintry setting, suggesting that Erulorian’s hopes for their relationship will come to nothing.”

One thought on “Artwork: Zotharan and Erulorian

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