An update on The Ruler of Ruins

I thought I should give up update on my progress on The Ruler of Ruins, even though it’s hard to find interesting things to say when all I’m doing is writing.

It’s been over a month, and I’ve only just finished Chapter 7. This is because I spent a lot of time writing and re-writing the first few chapters. I also needed to do some research on naval warfare!

Polishing is my favorite part of writing, but I need to remind myself to just focus on getting the story down in the 1st draft. Much of it will probably be changed or left out altogether in the 2nd draft, so there’s no point in laboring over individual sentences.

Of course, I told myself the same thing when I was writing the 1st draft of The Scepter of Ice, but it’s hard to write when I know that most of what I’m writing is rubbish! I must just remember that the sooner this draft is finished, the sooner I can begin the 2nd draft.

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