Another attempt at Citadel maps

I’ve made another attempt at mapping the Citadels with DD3. Actually, over the last few months, I’ve made lots of attempts, but I was never satisfied with them.

The Ground Floor of Quoraloresea

My first attempt to map a Citadel, from December 2015

I’d like to re-draw the above map of Quoraloresea for several reasons:

1) It’s too symmetrical.  The Citadels are supposed to have been built over hundreds of years, and while the Ankaykari aspire towards order, they actually have a fluid and chaotic nature. Therefore, their Citadels need a more sprawling shape.

2) I’ve always described the Citadels as vast labyrinths of chambers, halls, courtyards and gardens.  When Maggie saw the map of Quoraloresea, she loved it, but she also said it seemed too small to be an Ankaykari stronghold.

3) The Court of Gates is far too small! How are Liralian’s armies supposed to march through such a small space? In The Web of War she does go outside the Citadel gates to portal her army to Askamar, but I still think the Court of Gates should be larger.

4) I’m better at using DD3 now, and I’ve realized that the problem with making such huge maps is that you can’t see the beautiful patterns on the floors (the grass, the cracked flagstones, the floor tiles…)

The solution to these problems is, I think, to  just draw sections of each Citadel. This means that I can convey the impression of much larger edifice, I have the freedom to make changes (add in new gardens etc.), and the maps will be detailed enough to show the floor tiles.

So, here is my map of some of Zhemshorpel’s gardens:

Gardens of Zhemshorpel

Gardens of Zhemshorpel drawn with DD3 and Adobe Photoshop Elements

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