Preparing for Publication

It is now time to give The Scepter of Ice a final polish and proofread, and format it for publication!

I was surprised by the typos, missing words and similar errors I found while re-reading The Web of War. I’d carefully proofread it before publication, armed with a book of proofreading advice, but I guess it’s hard to spot mistakes when you’re so familiar with the text. This is why  people who have the money hire professional editors and proofreaders!

Anyway, lots of traditionally published books also contain errors, so I’m not going to let myself get too stressed about it…

2 thoughts on “Preparing for Publication

    • That’s very kind of you! It would be a lot of work for you though (my book is over 250,000 words, which is why it’s taken me so long to write, and why I haven’t had time to do much else lately). I wouldn’t want to put you to so much trouble, and it really isn’t necessary, especially as this is just a hobby for me!


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