The Web of War Revisited

Why has my blog been so quiet these last few months? And what has happened to The Scepter of Ice?

The answer is that I’ve been working on something else: a re-write of The Web of War.

When I first published The Web of War in December 2014, I thought it was as good as I could make it. Having attempted to re-read it, I realized I could make it a lot better. Perhaps it’s because I’ve improved as a writer over the last year, or perhaps it’s just because time has given me a fresh perspective on my work.

Anyway, I found the writing in the original book clunky, stilted and embarrassing to read. No wonder no one except Maggie was able to make it past the first few chapters!

I love my world and characters too much to allow The Web of War to remain like that, so I felt compelled to give it another polish.

The plot is exactly the same, and I haven’t added any extra scenes. All I’ve done is improve the writing. I’ve also cut out a lot of details about the world, culture and history of my characters, because it wasn’t relevant to the plot and just slowed the story down.

As a result, the  book has shed about 30,000 words!

Maybe in a few years I’ll feel like re-writing The Web of War again (that’s one of the benefits of being a self-published author – it’s very easy to produce new versions my books!) However, for the moment I’m feeling satisfied with it.

Now I’m back to work on The Scepter of Ice!

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