Askamar Cards!

Louisa's First Card

My first Askamar card, which I made for my friend Hope (with some help from her!)

Askamar is not just a series of books that I’m writing. It’s a world that exists inside my mind, and I love finding new ways to bring it to life.

I’ve never had much confidence at creating things by hand with paper and glue, but my friend Hope persuaded me to try making some Askamar cards (she’s very skilled at card-making, and has loads of brilliant Askamar-themed paper-craft ideas, herself!)

So, here are my first attempts at making cards. Liralian seemed like an obvious person to feature on them, since she’s the main character in The Shekruvaris Trilogy.

I used the artwork that I’d commissioned from Leah Keeler, along with ribbons and rhinestones purchased from The Works and some decorative graphics from Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Naturally, I made the first card for Hope! It’s a very simple card, as you can see above, but she helped by putting a silver trim around the edge and adding her name to it in beautiful silver lettering.

The second card did not turn out as well as I’d hoped (the picture isn’t centered and the ribbon is already peeling off), but I’m very pleased with my third attempt!

What I’d really like is to make some cards featuring Askamaran landscapes, maps and creatures. I already have some ideas, but I need to create the artwork!

3 thoughts on “Askamar Cards!

  1. Louisa’s cards are amazing for someone new to card crafting.To take the fascinating characters from her book and virtual world and to turn them into cards: a medium that you can actually feel and hold, is inspiring. My favorite of the cards she has made, is the one gifted to me but I also love them all.

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    • Thank you, but I know I’ve still got a lot to learn! Your words have captured what I most enjoyed about making these cards – taking images from my virtual world and turning them into something more tangible. I’m so glad that you like the card I made for you!


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