Another update on The Scepter of Ice

Did I say that I’d update my blog more often? Yes, I did – but I also knew that I’d probably become totally engrossed in writing.

Last Saturday I reached the end of The Scepter of Ice. This doesn’t mean the 3rd draft is finished, as I want to give another polish to the chapters that Maggie hasn’t read yet. And after that, I’ll give the whole book one more polish before I start formatting it for publication.

However, after revising about 26 chapters in the space of one month, I feel like slowing down and spending time on my website again.

My current aim is to improve the Ankaykari portraits, finish writing about the courts, and create more concise character descriptions (if people want to know more about my characters, their histories and their relationships, they can read my books!)

After that, I’ll get back to working on the maps and the animals of Askamar – if I haven’t become absorbed in writing the 1st draft of the Ruler of Ruins, that is!

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