Citadel floor-plans

As you know, all of my maps and many of my character portraits are created with the help of Profantasy’s Campaign Cartographer 3 and Character Artist 3. For Christmas this year, my parents have brought me Dungeon Designer 3, which means I can now create floor-plans of the buildings in my world!

Of course, Dungeon Designer 3 was made for role-playing games, so it’s best for dungeons, caves and taverns – the kind of places that fantasy adventurers might go (‘dungeon’ being the RPG name for an underground setting filled with monsters and treasure).

Sadly, the Ankaykari don’t visit many taverns, but I have managed to make this map of Quoraloresea.

The Ground Floor of Quoraloresea

The Ground Floor of Quoraloresea

I’d like to create floor plans of the other Esu Citadels over the next few months (along with other places in Askamar, like the dungeons of Garashent, the Palace of Time and the Caves of Kur-Zoth!) However, I also want to get on with The Sceptre of Ice, and it would be good to get some more animals added to the new website as well…

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