Maps of Quathevara

It’s another post where I display different versions of a map of my imaginary world. Fascinating, I’m sure!

This week I’ve redrawn Erulorian’s land, Quathevara, a place of islands, waterfalls, pines and grey grasslands.

Here’s the original (a rare example of an Askamaran map that includes a compass; sadly, the compass isn’t pointing the right way).


Here’s an early CC3 version, using DeRust textures and Standard symbols. I made this map by selecting part of the Askamar ‘world map’, cropping and enlarging it, and adding more details. quathevara_coloured

And here is the most recent CC3 version, using the DeRust mountain symbols and modified with Adobe Photoshop.

Annoyingly, I like the shape of the first one best! I should have based my new map on that one instead of the second. Still, I want all my Askamar maps to have the same look, so I’ll use the newest on the website.

Maybe one day I’ll redraw this map again…

3 thoughts on “Maps of Quathevara

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