Writing has resumed…

I was intending to take a longer break from writing, but I missed working on The Sceptre of Ice too much, so now work on the 3rd draft has commenced!

However, this time I’m not going to write like a maniac and inflict endless aches and pains on myself (bad back from too many hours spent sitting at my desk, aching shoulders from being hunched over the keyboard for too long, hands burning with pain from too much typing…)

I love writing, but I need to look after myself as well! There is no dead-line for this book, after all. My aim is to limit myself to one chapter a week, which means I should also have time for drawing and world-building (for some reason, these do not put such a physical strain on me).

If I keep to this schedule, the book should be finished by the middle of next year. Considering that I’m not a professional, full-time writer, one-and-a-half years spent working on a book of over 500 pages isn’t bad!

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