‘Kurunari in the Swamp’

Kurunari in the SwampBetween Ebzazire and the beautiful land of Imbire lies the vast, treacherous swamp of Nursumemor. This is where Kurunari dwells (he uses the rare plants that grow there as ingredients in his potions). Unsurprisingly, his Citadel doesn’t get many visitors.

Drathessa comes to see him from time to time, but then she also dwells in a gloomy and inhospitable region, so the view of endless swampland doesn’t depress her.

Anyway, here he is roaming his territory, presumably enjoying the landscape. As an immortal, he doesn’t have to worry about being bitten by poisonous swamp-creatures, being swallowed by quicksand or getting dragged into the water by something with hundreds of tentacles.

I love drawing gnarled trees, mushrooms and leafless vines. Eventually I must get around to painting a colored landscape of Nursumemor for my website!

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