More maps

It’s now been a week since I finished The Sceptre of Ice: Draft 2 and I’m enjoying the freedom to work on whatever part of my world I want (you know, without feeling that ‘I really ought to have started on the next chapter…’) At the same time, I’m excited about the third draft, re-imagining various scenes and thinking of more things I’d like to include.

I’ve been spending most of this time drawing more maps of Askamar. Now Anosharen and Ummere are complete, it is possible to go on the website and take virtual tour all the way from Barezeth to Burshnar. My ambition is to eventually create a ‘virtual tour’ of the whole realm!

The old map of Ummere was one of my favorites, so I’m glad that I can still display it on my blog even though it’s no longer on the website.

Ummere Old Map

Here’s the new colored version. As you can see, a few things have changed, including the position of the Citadel, which is no longer overlooking the sea.

Ummere Labelled

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