The 2nd draft of The Sceptre of Ice is finished!

I’ve finally finished the 2nd draft of The Sceptre of Ice. Lots of scenes have been added, removed or expanded, and I feel like the story now has the right ‘shape’ (I haven’t bothered counting the words this time, but it’s four chapters longer than the 1st draft).

Now I really am exhausted! I think I could get the 3rd draft done by December (as I planned at the start of the year), but I’d rather have a rest. I’ll only get to write this book once, and I want to enjoy the process. Surely one of the benefits of not being traditionally published and not being famous is that there’s no pressure to get your book finished?

So, it’s time to take a nice long break, create more maps, draw more plants and animals, and generally do more work on my world. Ideas about how to improve the 3rd draft are already flitting around in my head, however… I wonder how long it will be before I want to start writing again?

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