A new map of Serunuria

I’ve almost finished the 2nd draft of the Sceptre of Ice, but I decided to take another break and draw some more maps. I’ve also finally realized that maps look better with labels!

Serunuria Old Map

Here is my old map of Serunuria, which I never liked and never put on the website. After I’d finished drawing it, I realized there were far too many trees. It looks boring when the map is covered in trees, and where are the vungarba going to graze?

Serunuria Labelled

Here is my new map of Serunuria, created using Campaign Cartographer 3, Adobe Photoshop 13 and Corel Photo-Paint 10 (because I haven’t worked out how to put the ‘glow’ effect around the letters in Photoshop). I’m really pleased with it!

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