My first author interview

Giving an author interview sounds impressive, doesn’t it? Like I’m some celebrity of the literary world. You’re probably wondering how an obscure self-published fantasy author like me managed it (unless you’re familiar with the world of indie authors, and you’ve already given several interviews yourself…)

Here’s how it happened.

A few months ago I decided to embark upon another of my feeble attempts at book promotion, so I spent the day e-mailing fantasy book bloggers, offering them a free copy of my book in exchange for a honest review. If you’re wondering why I describe a day’s work as a ‘feeble’ attempt, it’s because (according to conventional wisdom) those who seriously hope to make a living as self-published authors have to market their books like maniacs.

Now, there are probably about a billion self-published writers for every book blogger kind enough to give indie authors a chance. These people seem to be bombarded with 50+ free-book offers a day (not only from indie authors but publishing houses as well).

So, I was delighted when one of the bloggers got back to me saying that, while she didn’t have time to review my book herself, she would like to give The Web of War a promotional spot on her blog. This included not only a description of my book and a photo of me, but an author interview.

Read on to discover my thoughts on what it means to be a writer, the high fantasy genre, book marketing and negative reviews (and to take a look at all the other authors being promoted – if you don’t think my book looks interesting, maybe you’ll find something else you enjoy!)

Jeanz Books Read’n’Review: The Web of War

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