At last! The 1st draft of the Sceptre of Ice is finished!

This week I’ve finally reached the end of the 1st draft of The Sceptre of Ice. It took longer than I expected, but I’m really excited because it means I can now start re-writing and polishing the story. The 2nd draft is usually my favorite part of the writing process, because I’ve finished the hard work of getting the story down and I can see all the potential for improvement.

The 1st draft is 159,631 words long, but there are quite a few scenes that I plan to add/expand, so I’m expecting the book will be about the same size as The Web of War when it’s finished.

I’ve been writing almost non-stop these last few weeks to get the 1st draft completed, which is why there have been so few updates in the blog. I planned to take a break and do a bit more on the website when it was done, but all I want to do is keep writing…

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