New blog, new book, new website…

Since this is my first blog post, it seems a good place to announce the publication of the Askamar website and The Web of War – the first novel in the Immortals of Askamar series.

(Actually, if you go to the library page you’ll see that The Web of War is the first book of theShekruvaris Trilogy, which is part of the Immortals of Askamar. I hope it doesn’t get confusing! While all the novels can be read together, there are lots of stories that I plan to tell within the larger story-arc, and I want people to be able to enjoy each part individually.)

Obviously, it feels amazing to see my first book on sale, to be able to download it and to read it alongside other published books. Even if no-one buys it, I’ll still feel proud of myself for having created something that I can share with the rest of the world (I know self-publishing is easy these days, but it still feels like an achievement!)

Of course, the Askamar site itself is far from complete. While I’ve done over ten years’ worth of work on the world, my ideas did not reach their final form until about 2012, which means that a lot of my notes, maps and drawings are now obsolete. Most of the entries in the website’s reference section are just brief introductions. At the moment I’m trying to polish the writing and improve some of the artwork so that the site is as engaging and informative as possible!

So, anyone who cares to follow this blog can expect to see more character profiles, maps and other world-building related entries over the next few months…

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