For centuries the immortals of Askamar have fought, schemed and betrayed, each striving for power over the magical realm and the human kingdoms. Some mortals chose to serve them, some fight them, while others manipulate them to further their own ambitions.

Askamar is the setting of an epic fantasy saga that I’ve been working on for many years.  You can find the novels I’ve written so far in the library. However, I’m more of a world-builder than an author; I write because it’s another way to depict the world I’ve created. If, like me, you enjoy the art of world-building (or ‘conworlding’) for its own sake, then you don’t need to read the stories to enjoy the website.

About the World

I’ve been working on this conworld (which I call Askamar, but which is really Askamar / Udaris, since there’s a magical realm and a mundane world), for more than half my life. It has grown and evolved enormously over the years, and it still sometimes undergoes changes even now. This website is therefore perpetually ‘in progress’.

I hope one day to make the website a complete reference to my conworld. It’s far from complete, as I have a lot of notes that I need to revise and polish, but I hope you enjoy the articles that I’ve published so far.

You might like to start by reading about the magical realm, the mundane world, or the races of Askamar and Udaris. I’ve also written an introduction to some of the main characters. I often make small changes to the website (I like re-writing the character profiles) but all the latest significant updates can be found in my blog.

Contact Me

If you have any comments or questions about Askamar, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.


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